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GET Flickr With Attribution - a Greasemonkey script for FireFox to generate HTML for a small flickr picture with accompanying attribution.

After installing it, you will get a link added to flickr pages showing a picture that will generate the HTML for you.

Note you will need your own Flickr API key, which you can get here: http://www.flickr.com/services/api/keys/apply/. The keys are free, as in beer anyway.

I use this script to put flickr pictures in my blog entries. Got tired of copying the stuff by hand. This is basically a GreaseMonkey version of my getf4b program with a better attribution, which I nicked from Mark Pilgrim.

Right click over this link to install the script: getfwa.user.js


2007/02/20 - version 1.0; initial version. writeFooter(); ?>