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The program linked to below creates a .kml file suitable for use with Google Earth or Google Maps, which contains markers for the North Carolina Parks, mainly the North Carolina State Parks, along with some associated weather information. The .kml file itself is updated every few hours, to keep the weather data current.

For more information on the NC State Parks, please check out their extensive web site NC Division of Environment and Natural Resources - Division of Parks and Recreation.

ncParksMap.kml - the .kml file to use with Google Earth, or view the .kml file in Google Maps.

ncParksMap.csv - source file of easily parseable (CSV) map data

build-ncParksMap.rb - Ruby program to build the .kml file from the source file


2008/09/29 - version 0.6

2007/01/07 - version 0.5

2007/01/06 - version 0.4

2007/01/05 - version 0.3

2007/01/04 - version 0.2

2007/01/02 - version 0.1

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