Patrick Mueller's Hieroglyphics

Recent-ish Papers

My Dad's Autobiography "Bud's Life"

I've published my dad's autobiography in a bunch of different formats. Links to them are available here.

Standards Organization work

Group: Object Management Group
Document: OMG IDL Mappings to Smalltalk
Date: 1995
Status: co-author
Available: omg-smalltalk-99-07-65.pdf

Forward to Book

Book: OS/2 2.1 REXX Handbook: Basics, Applications, and Tips
Author: Hallett German
Date: 1993
ISBN: 0442-01734-0
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold

Magazine articles

Magazine: Smalltalk Report
Title: Building a Gopher from Sockets and Widgets
Date: Spring 1995
Available: GopherArticle.pdf

Older Presentations

Title: The Design and Implementation of REXX Object Extension - ROX
For: 1994 REXX Language Symposium
Date: 1994
Available: 1994-rox.pdf

Title: Smalltalk Scripts for the Web
For: OOPSLA '95 Workshop on "Objects, Scripts and the Web"
Date: Fall 1995
Available: oopsla-1995/

Title: Use of HTTP as a Transport for Distributed Object Systems
For: OOPSLA '96 Workshop on "Toward the integration of WWW and Distributed Object Technology"
Date: Fall 1996
Available: oopsla-1996/

Title: Java Community Process and Embedded Java User Interface
For: OOPSLA 2003 Workshop on Pervasive Computing
Date: Fall 2003
Available: oopsla-2003/OOPSLA-2003-Perv-Mueller.pdf (paper)
Available: oopsla-2003/OOPSLA-2003-WS-Perv-Mueller.pdf (presentation)

Title: The Future of Application Development for the Web with Smalltalk
For: 1996 Smalltalk Solutions Panel on Smalltalk and the Web
Date: Spring 1996
Available: ss-1996/

Title: Interfacing Smalltalk Systems to the Web
For: 1997 Smalltalk Solutions Presentation
Date: Spring 1997
Available: ss-1997/

Title: Smalltalk in the Network Vehicle
For: 1998 Smalltalk Solutions Presentation
Date: Spring 1998
Available: ss-1998/ (presentation)

US Patents Granted

Title: Packaging memory image files
Granted: September 3, 2002
Available: 6,446,254

Title: Transparent loading of resources from read-only memory for an application program
Granted: June 24, 2003
Available: 6,584,612

Title: Access to resource files stored in ROM
Granted: December 2, 2003
Available: 6,658,647